Mystery Doorknob

mystery doorknob

I came home the other night only to find a doorknob on my welcome mat.  It was so weird because none of the neighbors were missing a knob.  I definitely stared at it for a long while before I decided to leave it for the doorknob fairy.  Sure enough, when I left for work the next day, it was gone.  There was no money left under my mat though.  Only the toothfairy is loaded, apparently.

The Monsterjunkies by Erik Daniel Shein

monsterjunkiesHey all you monster, realistic fantasy, paranormal, sci-fi, strange pets, and freaky houses fans: Meet The Monsterjunkies, a modern day Addams family.  The book explores several issues every teen and adult faces no matter his or her social status or economic condition: How can I fit in?

It’s a great story, and is really funny with a strong message.  This week it’s only 99 cents on amazon!  Click this link to buy it.

The book has an awesome book trailer you can watch here.  For those who work with teens, this would be a great addition to the growing trend of anti-bullying fantasy novels.

About the author:

Erik Daniel Shein was born Erik Daniel Stoops on November 18th 1966.  He is an American writer, film producer, screenwriter, voice actor, animator, entrepreneur, entertainer, philanthropist, pet enthusiast and animal health advocate. He is the author and co authored of over 30 nonfiction and fiction books whose writings include six scientific articles in the field of herpetology. His children’s book, The Forgotten Ornament is a Christmas classic, and was endorsed by Hollywood legends Mickey and Jan Rooney.


Week One Hundred Sixty-Three

Whooo, it’s been a while since I went to a meeting.  After a month, though, I lost 2.4, bringing me back to a happy 81 pounds lost.  I’m really determined to reach 100 before my next anniversary–so there’s my goal!

Everyone’s been telling me that I look much smaller than last year, even though I pretty much stayed the same.  It’s a compliment I’m going to hold onto.  In other health news, I made some fish and squid with rice the other night–so good.  I’m definitely going to make it again.  My fresh herbs have been really adding to everything I’m making (especially the basil and rosemary).  They’re growing so much, I can’t use most of it in time, so I’ve been drying them in preparation for gifts later on!

Also, Nick and I ran a 5k a week ago.  Yay!  That might have some contribution to me losing some weight, but I’m hoping it was just a result of hard work–who knows!

Here’s to a really happy week–may all your health wishes come true!

Dear People Who Won’t Sit Next To Me,

I showered!  Why won’t anyone sit next to me?  Why are you all sitting next to the lady eating halal cart food?  Why?  She’s not going to share, you know.


The chick always competing with halal cart

Color Run 2013!

I did the Color Run again!  This time my teammate was Nick (our team was called the Awesome Faces).  It was pretty fantastic.  It was his first 5k.  I bothered him the entire time to keep running and he almost beat me with all the colors.  We got sprayed with some dye during the run as well.  As always, I had a great time remembering how long 3.2 miles actually is, and sharing it with my very best friend.  Even if he now hates me for torturing him.  In any case–here’s us happy and chipper before the race, and the damage done at the end.

color run 2013

Color ran 2013

It took so long to get cleaned up after–everything was red and orange.  Even my snot and my feet.  I don’t even understand how that works.  Can’t wait for the next one!

O N C E: Ask Me Anything Not Love by Mian Mohsin Zia

once ask me about loveClick here to purchase: O N C E : Ask Me Anything, Not Love

Click here to learn about the author: Mian Mohsin Zia

Looking for a great new book?  Look no further!  If love is on your mind, then buy/download a copy from Amazon (it’s only six dollars for kindle!).  Even if you’re like me and need to buy the hard copy, they’re also available for purchasing at a really great price.  If you’re still on the fence, you should check out the author’s page, where you’ll learn what an amazing man this author is.

Besides being a fantastic author (and good looking), he’s already gotten a mountain of praise for his book from several sources, including (the most important source, in my opinion) his readers.  To read all about the attention his book has been getting, visit his book’s site at:

ONCE: Ask Me Anything, Not Love

Excerpt from “O N C E—–Ask me anything, not Love”

Beautiful women and ordinary men marry each other only out of love. So I ask you, what is love? Why do people “fall in love?” Falling is a somewhat negative concept; when you fall, you get hurt. Therefore, I say it is better that one does not fall in love…otherwise one will get hurt. Although many people might agree with me, they will not do as I suggest.

Do not expect a love story penned from my hands; I do not write love stories because I am “M—, No Time for Love”. I am the one who enjoys doing what others do not; for example, not having time to waste on love like other people.

However, with a smile as cute as a small child’s, the innocence of an angel and eyes that hold something special and secret, she makes me go against myself and the rules I have in place regarding love. Her aura is incredible; it makes me want to become part of her life, part of her story, and learn how to know her better than she knows herself. I want to be her shadow, the reflection that she sees in the mirror. I am addicted to her.

“Good morning,” I greet you all with this saying; good morning friends and others. I know that it is actually evening, but I say good morning because today the sun has dawned upon my life; this very moment in fact. I am truly honoured. The sunshine and the honour do not belong only to me, but also to someone else…to her.

It is said that one does not get everything that one wishes to have. However, my friends think differently about me. They believe that I have everything of which a man can dream. Ask me, and I will tell you that the one thing I wished for the most I never received.

I have words that I have never written,
And a story that was never read,
Because when I try
I can only cry,
For I’m a writer with no golden pen.

I do not know how long I have lived this way, or how long I will keep living this way; seasons come and go, the sun dawns and dusk falls, but still I wait for you. I love this bench, this air, the sun, moon, sky, sand, water and everything else here, because I feel that these things are the things I share with you. All I have left to do with my life is keep thinking about you.

If I could fly, no birds could catch me,
If I could run, you know I’d be free.
If I could write, every other writer
Would cease to pen their words,
But I can’t, so I guess I’m just me.

As I am consumed by guilt, I notice that breathing is a chore. No one sees my pain, or if they do, they ignore it. Ignore the pain; ignore the tears that will not fall from eyes that can no longer sleep…eyes that see only the past. No matter what people say, the guilt does not dissipate. Knowing what I did, knowing it was my fault, brings emptiness to reign over my body and soul. The shattered pieces of my broken heart are slowly disappearing, forever, with my happiness. Where is the voice that will pull me out of this black hole? Where are the arms that will shield me from the pain? The pain of knowing what I did and what might have been.

What sight has caught my eyes? With quivering lips and shivering hands, I stand with insurmountable patience and wait. My land is now the home of love and pain. When will this waiting end? Does it have an end? Was my mistake so bad, that I am now to remain deprived of you? What will the end of our story be?

“I always enjoy doing things others do not,” I answer one of the questions posed by a reporter at the conference marking the successful launch of my recent novel, “Home of Pain.”

“There is a common thing so far within your novels,” a reporter states. “We have not seen a love story from you. In your novels there is never a woman protagonist; all your novels have a male protagonist and women do not feature in any significant roles. Why do you not write a novel with a woman as the central character?”

“You should not expect a love story from me; remember that I am ‘M—, No Time for Love,’” I turn to answer the reporter who has posed the question. “I believe that in order to write a novel with a woman as the central character, one is in need of inspiration. No one has inspired me yet. Why do we always need to have a woman in every story? My fans love and appreciate my work as it is, and I am thankful to them for always being so honest and kind towards me. As you know, I have also received many awards for my work, which is a classic example and demonstration of the fact that people like my novels as they are. I do not believe in love stories.”

“Tell us about any future projects,” another reporter asks. “What do you have to offer your readers?”

“I have not planned any projects yet,” again I turn and respond. “As everyone knows, after each novel I take a break and go for a vacation. This time I plan to go to the Ukraine. However, as soon as I come back and plan something I will let you know about it.”

“How do you see novel writing?” another question is posed before I can take my leave.

“Novel writing is all about not taking yourself seriously, but taking your work seriously. It is all about observing people, comprehending their emotions and feelings; absorbing everything.” Before another question can come my way, I end the conference. “No more questions please. Enjoy the party and I hope you all have a good time. My love to you all.”

Next morning I meet with my publisher, Fraser Isitt, who is also a friend of mine. He is a good-looking person for an older man, with thick black hair that offsets his fair complexion. As I enter his office, he looks up from his desk and causally remarks, “So you are going to the Ukraine? I do not believe you mentioned that to me.”

I knew he would bring this up. “I told everyone about it at last night’s party,” I remark. He wants me to visit other places, like Paris, New York or San Francisco, rather than the Ukraine for my holiday. “I always enjoy things that others do not,” I flip the comment at him, as if he should understand me by now.

“Yeah, yeah. That is a typical M response,” he shakes his head. “When will you be leaving?”

“Tomorrow evening,” I quickly reply. “Take care and look after everything here, as I do not want anyone disturbing me during the vacation.”

“Do not worry,” his response is curt, but warm. “It is not the first time I have had to do this. I have been managing you for a long time. Listen M, before you go I want to say one thing. You are an awesome novelist; people eagerly anticipate your books. If you wrote a love story, it would set the city on fire. Think it over, please. People would be surprised and pleasantly shocked to learn that you are writing a love story. Imagine what we would get in advance bookings, publications and the bulk of sponsors that would be on our doorstep when the world hears that M is writing a love story.”

“Stop day-dreaming,” I cut him off before he can speak anymore. “You know that I am not interested in writing love stories and thus you have never made me do so. Do not get on my nerves now.”

“I know you have not yet written a love story and do not desire to write one,” he brashly responds, “but I will continue to get on your nerves until you plot one out. Anyway, good luck on your vacation and I hope that you have a safe flight.” He sends me off with his best wishes and I leave to return home to my packing and preparation.

The next evening I dress in my traditional suit of complete black attire, with my favourite watch, before I leave for the airport and my vacation. I am fond of watches and have a large collection from which to choose.

I board my flight and am on my way to the Ukraine.

“ONCE” boasts everything you could possibly look for in a novel. It has drama, romance, and love in action. It will take you on a heart-pounding emotional rollercoaster ride. It also includes three custom poems, two by the author himself and one modified by the author according to the need of the book, by consent of the original creator. Some added features accompanying this book include a picture gallery representing the female protagonist fresh off the streets of Ukraine and exclusive to this work, an international team who has worked hard to bring you this work of art, ranging from the United States of America all the way to South Africa.

“ONCE” also contains strong religious commentary, focusing on Christian’s love for God, church, prayer and each other, as well as bringing some elements of Islam into discussion as well.

What would you do if you hurt the woman you loved beyond what is in human nature to forgive? That is the problem that Morkel has to overcome.

As the celebrated author, ‘M—, No Time for Love’, Morkel has vowed to never write a love story, or a story with a female protagonist. A staunch bachelor, Morkel is set in his ways; he has vowed to never fall in love. However, during a holiday in Kiev Morkel meets a ‘person of interest’; someone who will change his life forever. Though, as his name suggests, he still has ‘no time for love’.

Unfortunately, as he is about to learn, love has time for him and it has come knocking at the door of his heart. Will he open the door or ignore the knocking? Will he abandon the title he has worked so hard to create, and, by so doing, forge for himself a new title and destiny?

How long can love wait for Morkel?

How long will Morkel wait for love?

Great love stories do not have a perfect ending; their imperfection makes them great and immortal. It is said that life is stranger than fiction, and that holds very true. In real life, we cannot predict what will happen next or how the future will unfold. If we could predict the future, then life would not be real. You will get perfect endings only in fairytales, because they are set in the imagination of the creator. Real life is far different to fairytales.

For example, in a movie the police officer might get hit by a multitude of bullets and survive, because he is scripted as the hero. The antagonist, however, will get hit once, in the hand, and die because he is scripted to die. Similarly, throughout confusions in life, in the movies the hero and heroine are scripted to fall in love and live happily ever after.

Life is not scripted by us.

In life you seldom get a chance to correct your errors. If a police officer gets shot by a multitude of bullets, unless he is wearing Kevlar, he will die or have to bear the scars of his mistake for the rest of his life. Similarly, the mistake Morkel made led him to the ultimate price he had to pay. She met him once in life and he had the opportunity to make her his forever, but he lost that opportunity. Life does not give everyone a second chance; never let the day go by when you do not tell the one you love how much you love them. Say it, even if it is only once.

Love and life are all about making the right decisions at the right time. “Strike while the iron is hot”, that is how the saying goes. Therefore in love, the instant you realise you love someone, tell them. Do not wait for the other person to say it first…you might end up waiting for a lifetime and losing what you could have gained. You might end up consumed by guilt; the guilt of knowing what you did and wondering what could have been.

You do not see the other person’s flaws when you are in love, but you realise that is what makes them who they are…unique. When you do meet that special woman who makes you float and smile all the time, and you cannot stop thinking of her, please tell her you love her for all her unique qualities; her laugh, her smile, her soul, the twinkle in her eye…on and on. Whether she is plain, thin, fat, eight-foot tall or two-foot tall, tell her you love her just as she is… A woman’s feelings get hurt very easily, therefore, never waste a single second after you fall in love.

One important point should be brought into consideration; Love should never be associated with flirting. True love is felt and does not require itself to be found while you date many people. If you think that you need to find love and have to date or flirt, then you are lying to yourself. In the quest of love always remember; do not break someone’s heart, or play with someone’s emotions or feelings. Beware: you will have to answer for every heart you break on the road to your destiny.

The one common thing in this whole universe is love. So love and be loved. Love binds, love connects, love solaces, and love heals. Every religion teaches about love and so does mine. Islam teaches to love and spread the message of love. It is not about ‘you’ and ‘me.’ It is about ‘we.’ ‘We; the people.’ Life is nothing when we get everything, but life is everything when we miss something. The value of people can be realised in their absence only.

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