Another Food Fail

I decided to try my hand at making these delicious looking things:

chicken wraps

They didn’t look too hard, and seemed like a really healthy choice.  Let’s talk about how badly it went wrong.  First of all, I totally forgot the asparagus for mine.  Whatever–asparagus makes your pee smell weird anyway.  True story.  Then, I may or may not have burned them.

Anyway, to make these MY way, you’ll need:

Thin cut chicken breast

Red peppers

Sliced cheese of your choosing (I used cheddar)



Bread crumbs

Asparagus (best if you remember to take them home with you)

You use the chicken breast as a hold for the rest of the stuff–I put scallions on the outside with the bread crumbs.  Pop them in a pan and cook at 320 for 25 minutes (or until you remember they’re in the oven).  And if you’re really lucky, they won’t come out looking like this:

chicken disaster

I feel like this is the only appropriately response:

gordon ramsay chicken*Courtesy of*

Whatever.  They still tasted delicious!

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