Dear Guy Who Keeps Looking At Me From Across The Train,

You’re very good looking.  Sorry I keep staring.  Also, I’m sad I’ll have to get up in a stop and leave.  I hope your name is Alfred.  You look like an Alfred.


The chick with the headphones

Sausage and Cheese Things

I was feeling extremely hungry one night, so I made these awesome things for dinner:

Sausage and cheese sandwiches

To make the meal, I used:

Two links of chicken sausages (the garlic ones)

Two English muffins (light wheat ones)

Fat-free cheddar cheese



I don’t own a toaster, so I sliced the English muffins in half, stuck them in the oven, and cut up the sausages into bite-size pieces.  While the muffins toasted, I cooked the sausages in a pan.  Next, I cut up cheddar and tomatoes and scallions.  I added everything on top of the toasted muffins, then stuck them back in the oven.  I flipped the sausage pieces so they would toast on both sides nicely, then I put both on a plate and nommed.

It was so good, and took me about fifteen minutes.  And I was stuffed after–low in points and really good.  I ate it with a side of strawberries and pineapple, so it was perfectly matched.