Week One Hundred Forty-Five

Because of the new apartment, I haven’t found a new WW location to go to, so I skipped weighing in this week.  To make up for it though (and to make me feel like I lost weight), Nick lost 2.8 this week, for a total of 15 pounds since January (55 pounds total)!  That’s pretty exciting.  I totally take credit for this though.  So technically I lost 2.8 pounds this week, right?  Right?  Hopefully by next week things will settle down and I’ll be back on track.  I am walking like a crazy monster, so that’s good.

Here’s wishing you the best week!  Rock on!

Dear Gas Company,

Why you no give me heat and hot water?  Why?  Sleeping in the cold is horrible.  So it showering in the cold.  And pretending to cook on a stove that doesn’t actually work.  MY NOODLES WON’T COOK IF YOU DON’T GIVE ME GAS.  Also, I refuse to shower until the water reaches a temperature hotter than a bus seat someone just got off of.  I hate you.


The chick who smells bad.

Too Much Stuff?

This car took me by surprise, but after circling it twice, I can confirm that literally the entire car is filled with garbage.  I don’t even understand how someone drove it to the parking lot.  I’m hoping it was a normal, clean car, and this is a post-parking prank.

 junk car