First Injury

Well, I was literally in my apartment for about ten minutes before I had my first injury.  Did you know: dishwashers can’t close if your finger is in the way?  But, they’re going to try really hard to do so.  My finger may not look so bad in the photo, but it hurts a lot and it’s all bruised and gross looking now.  STUPID DISHWASHER.  Stay tuned for the first photo of my toothbrush on the toilet.

first injury

Dear Stove,

You are a jerk.  All I wanted was to cook my stupid (but absolutely delicious) pizza.  I dreamed about it all day–planned it on the subway.  I even suffered carrying some supplies home with the heavy load I was already carrying.  But no.  I had to microwave it because you didn’t work.

AND I had to pan-cook my french fries.  May brownies explode inside you.


The chick glad that nothing works (including, apparently, the smoke alarm).