Dear Man Who Told Me I Was Beautiful,

It’s always nice to be reminded.  I hope you have the very best of everything for the rest of the year.  I may have brushed off your compliment when it was given, but it meant more to me than you can imagine.


The chick in the stripes.

Guest Haiku: Portrait of a Librarian Alpaca

Librarian with

a sweet alpaca smile,

book and monocle.


books and monocles

alpaca eats all the books

wears the monocles


All the monocles

On one sweet alpaca face

Library, no books


Bookworm alpaca

now alpaca waitress

Moral: don’t eat books.

-Submited by Elizabeth McAwesomeface (Pending Children’s Librarian)

*To submit a guest library haiku, please e-mail them to: with your name, the poem, and your favorite shape (this is for funsies).

White Hair Subway

I was riding the F train recently when I happened to look down and notice I had a hair on my jacket.  A very long, white, hair.  Well.  At least I made it to 25 with kind of not an old lady head.

white hair

Just kidding, I was losing white hairs at 18, haha.  I just thought this was funny and needed to be shared.  That thing is almost glowing!