Ex Machina: Smoke, Smoke (Volume Five)

ex machina 5Ex Machina: Smoke, Smoke (Volume Five)

Brian K. Vaughan

Whew–Let me tell you.  This series is hard to read on the subway, that’s for sure!  Nudity, violence, sexually-charged scenes–its very graphic and even made me blush a little.  At one point I even put it away because I was afraid someone else would see, haha.  Reader be warned!

Plot-wise, this volume kept up with the others.  I’m still waiting for those subway symbols to come back into play, but so far–nothing.  We did get a weird pot-dream though.  I want more!  I was pretty happy to see a bit more into Bradbury’s life.  He’s my second favorite character (after Kremlin) and I want to know more about him!
I don’t think this series has too many more volumes in it.  They’ve got to reveal more soon, right?  Though not as good as Y the Last Man, I’m still willing to recommend this series.  Just keep in mind the mature content!

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