Flaming Ice Cream

I recently went to dinner with Bubbles, and we ordered an ice cream dessert.  When it came to us, it was ON FIRE.  Bubbles and I could do little more than stare at the waitress, who laughed at our faces.  It was pretty awesome.  Here Bubbles is reenacting the flames for a dramatic effect.

flaming ice cream

Bad Island

Bad IslandBad Island

Doug TenNapel

This graphic novel is written by the same author as Ghostopolis.  I remembered really liking that one, so I picked this up on a whim, hoping for a good story.  I wasn’t disappointed.

The story follows a family on vacation (or trying to be on vacation) on a strange, bad island.  As they explore the island filled with bad creatures, the reader follows a parallel story that illuminates the mystery a bit more (though it doesn’t make much sense until the end of the book).

I really enjoyed the story, the characters and the silly jokes (so many silly jokes–it was perfect).  The art is also spectacular.  I highly recommend this one to those who enjoy graphic novels, or light-hearted stories of the bizarre.  I might even buy this one to keep (I KNOW), so you know just how much I liked it.  Go grab a copy!

Imagine Happy

I was walking around the East Village when I saw this.  It really made me smile because sometimes you’re not happy and you can’t find anything to be happy about.  It’s those times when you need to just suck it up and imagine happy.  Also, ignore the fact that it says hopeless on top of that, haha.  Oops.  The quality of the photo is so poor because it was taken in the dark.  Double oops.

Imagine Happy

Weird Fishes

weird fishes

Weird Fishes

Jamaica Dyer

The Hell is this crap?  First of all, I feel like I’ m missing a huge chunk of the story.  It’s on fast forward the entire time, and then each chapter happens after a character flow-chart that explains the masses of developments in the plot and relationships that have occurred between characters in the story (but things that are not actually written).

What’s that about?  It’s like the author was too lazy to draw and write those bits in, so it was easier to just summarize it.  And the story itself is weird to the point of being stupid.  Nothing makes sense–not because the author is being clever, but because nothing is explained.  I’d say it was a waste of time, but it took me less than an hour to read.  Don’t bother with this one.