Easiest Sugar-Free Peanut Butter Cookies Ever

Nick requested I make sugar-free cookies for his most recent party.  I’ve never made any sugar-free sweets, so I had a moment of panic.  Then I found literally the easiest recipe in the universe.  Prepare yourself.

You’ll need:

2 cups of peanut butter (I used reduced fat)

2 cups of sugar substitute (I used splenda)

2 eggs

You mix these together until they form a ball, then you make them into whatever shape you like best.  For his party I used a cookie cutter to make the cookies into pumpkins (and then I used icing pens to decorate them).  I made them a second time because they came out so good.  I made these into plain circles.  With this recipe, I was able to make 50 smallish cookies.  Here’s a picture!

Pop them in the oven at 325 and cook until just a little brown.  I burned mine a little on purpose because I like my cookies extra crunchy.  If you take them out sooner, they’re soft in the middle (om nom nom).  Enjoy!

Dear N6x,

I love you so very much.  You make my mornings easy and my evenings less painful.  May you always be awesome, and filled with people who love you as much as I do.  Oh, and could you please talk to that driver that stops too abruptly?  Thanks a bunch.


The chick singing your praise every day

NaNoWriMo Update #2

Welp, this week was especially hard–the weather killed some days, but my huge lead during week one gave me enough of a buffer so I could make it through the week.  I’m only one day ahead at the moment, finishing tonight at 22,000 words.  I’m hoping I can keep up this week, and perhaps even pull ahead a bit more.

The good news, is I’m almost half-way done.  That always lifts my spirits because each word after that closes the gap until the end!  I bet I’ll be making best friends with Barnes and Noble.  Oh!  And my last sentence of the day:

” ‘I’ve never had a family before.  They’re addicting.’ ”

Wishing you a week filled with word counts above where you should be!

Fables: Super Team (Volume Sixteen)

Fables: Super Team (Volume Sixteen)

Bill Willingham

Well, this failed arc is finally over, and a new one is hinted at.  Though the series feels like it’s beginning to lose its steam, I find myself super excited for what I hope is coming. We lost some good friends along the way, the all in all, I still love the series.  Mr. Dark is no villain compared with he-who-I-will-not-name, but he was entertaining enough for me not to drop the series.  I can’t wait to see what comes out of Rose Red and Boy Blue.

Also, could Bigby be any more awesome?  The next volume has a ton of potential to bring the series back to the drool-worthy kind of amazing it was at the start.  I can’t wait for it to come out!

Bunny Blocks

I’m not quite sure if this is the velveteen rabbit, but that’s what I’ve been thinking it is since I received this postcard from a very nice person in Japan.  I like the sad look on the rabbit’s face–it reminds me of an abandoned toy.  Completely unrelated: I’m drinking tea right now in a shop on Avenue A.  It’s not very good tea.  I am disappointed.

Dear Cashier At Michaels,

You have saved the day, and your kindness will not be forgotten.  May you always be met with positivity, patience, and love.  And may you always get exactly what you need from those around you.  Thank you for existing.


The chick who forgot her wallet