Easy, Healthy Mini-Pizzas

I decided I wanted pizza for dinner, but I’d already gone to the pizza place the night before.  I was too embarrassed to go again, so I thought I should make my own mini-pizzas (plus I just bought prosciutto and I was really excited to eat it).  They came out super yummy.

You’ll need:

Small tortilla wraps (I used Old El Paso)

Salsa (I went for super hot)

Shredded cheese (I used reduced fat mozzarella)

Your topping of choice

I put the wraps on a piece of tin foil, spread the salsa around, covered it in cheese and placed my cut up prosciutto on top.  After, I set my oven to 350, popped them inside and let them cook until the cheese was just beginning to brown on the top.  It took about 20 minutes and was so delicious!  The tortilla was crunch at the edges and the cheese was melted to perfection.  Mmmm!

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