Where The Heart Is (2000)

Where the Heart Is (2000)

This movie is so weird.  The cast of characters is weird, the actors who play them are weird and the story itself was weird!  For example, the librarian was played by an actor who was also in The Tudors.  I believe he played Cromwell.  I giggled every time he came on the screen because I couldn’t picture him with an American accent.  Oh!  And Natalie Portman was in it!  She’s the main character.  Though she was fantastic, she still made me chuckle (there was just bundles of laughter occurring during this film).

The movie is about a young girl who is abandoned at a Walmart by her scumbag boyfriend while she was very pregnant.  She becomes famous after she gives birth in the Walmart (after she’s abandoned, she lives in the store).  The local community (filled with crazy people) rally together to help take care of her and her baby.

If you’re looking for a cutesy, slightly corny movie with romance, vengeful karma and a happy ending, I’d highly recommend this one.  It’s a fun time!

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