Cotton Candy Liz

Recently my friend Liz and I (and later, her college friend too) had a great night drinking and talking about boys.  It was so much fun–and we had burgers that were super delicious!  Mine had homemade tomato jam on it, which had chunks of tomato in it and tasted like BBQ sauce.

After wandering, we ended up in a Japanese bar that played very interesting music and was covered in porn.  At the end, we had cotton candy, and Liz’s friend expertly stuck it to a stick (and hand modeled it in the picture).  I was very delighted.

Week One Hundred Twenty Two

I lost .6 pounds this week, bringing me even close to my 100 pounds lost goal.  I ate like a pig today and yesterday, so next week I might not have the same kind of happy news.  I miss having the time to run almost every day.  I wish I had easy access to a gym.  Fix that, Planet Fitness!

Anyhoozle, today I have an early morning 5k race, and then I will hang about and probably celebrate my victory by napping.  I’m pretty excited–It’s my second race and I’m not even nervous about it.  I’ve changed a lot.

I wish everyone a very happy week!

Ex Machina: Fact v. Fiction (Volume Three)

Ex Machina: Fact v. Fiction (Volume Three)

Brian K. Vaughan

This one is not as good as the other two that came before it, but it’s not completely horrible.  I feel like this volume was a big break from the mysterious, weird second volume.  I really did enjoy seeing more of the main character’s history, and of course I’ll take all the Kremlin I can get.

I’m beginning to wonder where exactly the series is headed–it feels a bit scattered.  The pieces aren’t as joined together as they were in Y: The Last Man.  I’ll still recommend it to anyone, though.  Start with one!

Dear Woman At The Meeting,

The fact that you feel you deserve to be punished for being fat makes me sad.  You’re so unhappy with your life, and you blame it all on being fat.  Also, what’s up with this leader?  He just told you the reason you gain weight is because you’re not “the more correct gender.”  Dear Lord, I’ve got to escape you guys.


The chick rolling her eyes so much, they’re going to stay that way.

Week One Hundred Twenty-One

I started weighing myself on my own scale in the morning just like Nick suggested I do.  Because it was a different time and scale, I dropped five pounds, making me the lowest I’ve ever been.  I don’t even think I was this low in high school.  Elementary school might have  been the last time I was this light.

Total, I’ve lost 87.4 pounds.  Even though I know this will most likely go up the moment I step into a WW, I am still happy to finally have a time and place where I can depend on weighing in.  It’s a good feeling.  Exercise has been little–the only free time when I can go is on the weekend.  It’s going to be a very interesting semester.

In honor of a good week, have a blast these coming days.



Andrea Cremer

Oh mother of literature.  This is by far one of the worst books I have read in a long time.  No exaggeration.  Move over Bella–this new narrator has you beat.  Calla has such an unhealthy life, I want to shake her.  Every time a male touches her, she pretty much has an orgasm.  And of course she’s stuck in a love triangle.  Also, I’m 97% sure she picked the wrong guy.  Shay is in no way the better decision.  Also, what kind of name is Shay?  Forget that–what kind of name is Calla?  And Emile?  And any character in the book, for that matter.

Ugh.  Torture.  And to top the cake, the book is about five thousand million pages long.  AND THERE’S A SEQUEL.  WHAT.

Stay far, far away from this one.  Unless you want to torture yourself.  Bleck.  Talk about a wasted four hundred and fifty pages.  Nothing even happens until the end!  And the world isn’t explained until the middle!  I HATE this book.


Dear Woman Who Threw A  Tissue Over Spilled Coffee,

The lady who spilled her coffee was clearly desperately upset.  When she got up to clean herself, I saw you quietly turn around and wipe up as much coffee as you could with your package of tissues.  That was single-handedly the kindest thing you could have done.  Especially because you didn’t say anything about it when she came back.  You just sat there and smiled as she thanked anyone around her who could have cleaned it.  May random acts of kindness follow you wherever you go.


Your classmate with the earrings.