Dear Woman Who Knew The Exact Name Of My Nail Polish,

I think you’re pretty fantastic, and the fact that you paused your music to show me new colors you thought I’d like really made my day.  People like you are the reason I’m convinced that New Yorkers are just the subject of bad rumors.  I wish you a year of chip-free nail polishes and polite, friendly strangers.


The chick sitting next to you on the subway, reading her book

Week One Hundred Ten

I’m finally back on track–I lost one pound this week, nearly undoing the damage of May.  It’s been so hot outside that running is hard to make myself do.  However, I’ve been doing yoga on days when I can’t bring myself to endure the heat outside.  I’ve got to say–I really miss it!

Rumor has it that next week is going to be very cool, so I should have a few runs to share with you (and hopefully another loss).  Have a grand week!

Migration Songs

From our Canadian neighbors, this postcard reminds me of what it feels like to know it’s time to move on, but not know exactly where you have to go.  With wings pointed in every direction, it’s easy to go anywhere, but hard to decide where to start.

The Reader (2008)

The Reader (2008)

I wasn’t sure what I expected this movie to be about–I knew it was about love and books; possibly about the love of books.  I knew it took place in Germany during World War II.  That’s all I knew.  I certainly wasn’t expecting the movie to turn out the way it did!

The beginning of the movie was both awkward and touching–it was exactly what new, inexperienced love is.  I also liked the secret the woman hides during their affair.  It’s so easy for the audience to see that the woman can’t read, but the main character doesn’t see it?  At least not while they’re intimately together.  I thought that was great.  The second half of the movie was when it got serious and unpredictable.

The woman never redeems herself and I don’t think the main character is faultless either.  He teaches her to read but drives her to commit suicide?  He’s a flawed human, just as she is, though not nearly as great a mistake is made on his part.

All in all, I thought the movie was wonderful, but too long.  Also, for anyone who wants to see this film with family, be warned–there is full-frontal male nudity several times during the film (not to mention lots of boobage).  I recommend this one to you, though feel free to fast forward through some long middle bits.