Week One Hundred Thirteen

I gained just a bit this week (.4 pounds) but I also ate dinner and had a few sodas before going, so I’m hoping that number is actually a loss.  These evening meetings are killing me because I can never judge whether or not the weight I see each time I go is accurate, or just a result of having to pee, having just ate, or wearing heavy jeans that got wet with rain.  It’s very frustrating.  I miss my Saturday morning meetings a lot.

I just got back from running in Central Park, where the air feels terrible and I thought I would weep before I finished.  And on top of that, shuffle played all the slow songs on the playlist–it was terrible luck.  Even though I was dying the entire time, I managed a time not much worse than my usual.  I pulled 1.63 miles in 22 minutes–giving me a 13.33 minute/mile average.  Hopefully tomorrow brings with it a cooler, less humid day, and allows me to run without contemplating suicide.

Those are all my updates for this week.  I wish you all a great seven days!

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