Cornelia Funke

Oh sweet mother of God–this book was torture to get through.  It doesn’t flow like the first volume in the series and most of the chapters could have been shortened or omitted completely.  Who cares about Elinor and Darius?  Over five chapters are wasted on them and their worries and cooking.  It’s completely silly!  They do nothing to advance the plot and don’t grow as characters.  Those chapters serve only to make the book heavier.  Ugh.

The story itself was fine, but very repetitive.  I would have liked more surprises.  All of the characters say the same thing, act the same way and have the same worries throughout the book.  Nothing ever changes the way they react to situations.  Even the ending was highly predictable, and at that point, I was just begging for sweet relief from the book.

All in all, while I highly recommend the first book in the Inkheart series, I think everyone should stay far, far away from this one.  I’ll be looking on Wikipedia to see what happens in the third book.  No force in this universe could make me pick it up.

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