Ex Machina: Tag (Volume Two)

Ex Machina: Tag (Volume Two)

Brian K. Vaughan

This volume was so good!  It was creepy, and violent–I loved it.  Most of the volume focuses around New York’s subway tunnels and the mysterious symbols that keep appearing.  I read most of it while on a subway train, so that furthered the creepy vibes.  It’s becoming increasingly hard to read this series on the subway, that’s for sure.  When I say this volume is violent, I mean VIOLENT.  I had to hide the illustrations on several occasions.

The set-up in this volume is exactly the kind of thing I adore.  I can’t wait to get my hands on the next one–it’s so good!  Hurry and grab the first of the series.  Unless you’re under eighteen.  Then maybe you should wait a few years (or get parental permission).  It’s definitely worth the read.

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