Evil Pigeon

Well, the weather has been grand, and when I say grand, I mostly mean hot.  Because of this, I’ve put my AC into my window.  I hate the AC, but I need it for the times when I would otherwise melt in my bed.  It’s been such a great invention (if you ignore the very uneven distribution of weight and how long it took me to get it in place without both cutting my arm off at the elbow with the window and dropping it down three stories) and has already saved me several sweaty nights.  However, the pigeons have taken to Mr. Freeze.  Yes, that’s the name of the AC.

The pigeons outside keep landing on the AC and then using it as a means to get close enough to my window to communicate with me via Morse code.  They wake me up every morning by tapping on the glass until I scream and scare them away.  For example: Monday morning.

Annnndddd then again on Wednesday:

Look at the red eye!  This pigeon is evil!  I woke up and it was just watching me suffer.  What is up with that?  I’m hoping the pigeons give up after a while and this won’t happen all summer.  If it’s going to follow me until October’s cool weather, expect a ton of photos accompanied with complaints.

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