Week One Hundred Nine

Well.  Long time no update!  Sorry about that.  I’ve been having a hard time figuring out a good time to go get weighed.  That being said, I stayed the same this week–which I consider a huge plus with the way I’ve been eating.  Running has been happening a lot, and I’ve been making progress little by little.  I started uploading all of my runs online.  If you’re interested in seeing them, feel free to check them out on my zombie profile.

You can see my most recent run here.

Besides this, I’m working hard at doing better, and hopefully things will pick up.  Best wishes!



Cornelia Funke

Oh sweet mother of God–this book was torture to get through.  It doesn’t flow like the first volume in the series and most of the chapters could have been shortened or omitted completely.  Who cares about Elinor and Darius?  Over five chapters are wasted on them and their worries and cooking.  It’s completely silly!  They do nothing to advance the plot and don’t grow as characters.  Those chapters serve only to make the book heavier.  Ugh.

The story itself was fine, but very repetitive.  I would have liked more surprises.  All of the characters say the same thing, act the same way and have the same worries throughout the book.  Nothing ever changes the way they react to situations.  Even the ending was highly predictable, and at that point, I was just begging for sweet relief from the book.

All in all, while I highly recommend the first book in the Inkheart series, I think everyone should stay far, far away from this one.  I’ll be looking on Wikipedia to see what happens in the third book.  No force in this universe could make me pick it up.

Dear Prom Kids Sitting Across The Platform,

I’m not quite sure why you’re seriously debating whether that song “We Are Young” is opera or soul.  I’m pretty sure it’s neither.  Also, there’s no need to sing the chorus every time there’s a moment of silence in the heated debate.  No–seriously.  Stop singing.


The confused and annoyed chick writing about you from across the train station

Book Expo

A couple of weeks ago I went to Book Expo to nerd-out with book vendors, publishers, authors, and librarians.  It was my first year going, but I had so much fun–I’m not sure how I lived so long without having gone to this!  I got a ton of free things, most of which were advanced readers copies of books that look delicious enough to eat.  I did get a poster I was really excited about–it’s already hanging up in my room.  There were tons of literary famous people (the best kind of famous people, in my opinion).  I got to take a picture with Captain Underpants:

And then I decided I hadn’t collected enough photos of me with men who were not wearing shirts, so I got cornered for a picture at the erotic romance novel table (they had really cool playing cards there):

The book cover models were nice and even gave me a free calendar so I could look at them without shirts every month next year.  It was a fun time.  I got to hear authors I admire (John Green and Lois Lowry) talk about things that matter, and I got to talk to aspiring authors explain how they view libraries in our current economically challenged society.

All in all, I got enough reading material to last me all year, and I even made some friends in the librarian lounge!  I’m already looking forward to next year–I can’t wait to see who they choose to speak in the mornings, and see what’s the big items on the floor.

Ex Machina: Tag (Volume Two)

Ex Machina: Tag (Volume Two)

Brian K. Vaughan

This volume was so good!  It was creepy, and violent–I loved it.  Most of the volume focuses around New York’s subway tunnels and the mysterious symbols that keep appearing.  I read most of it while on a subway train, so that furthered the creepy vibes.  It’s becoming increasingly hard to read this series on the subway, that’s for sure.  When I say this volume is violent, I mean VIOLENT.  I had to hide the illustrations on several occasions.

The set-up in this volume is exactly the kind of thing I adore.  I can’t wait to get my hands on the next one–it’s so good!  Hurry and grab the first of the series.  Unless you’re under eighteen.  Then maybe you should wait a few years (or get parental permission).  It’s definitely worth the read.

Evil Pigeon

Well, the weather has been grand, and when I say grand, I mostly mean hot.  Because of this, I’ve put my AC into my window.  I hate the AC, but I need it for the times when I would otherwise melt in my bed.  It’s been such a great invention (if you ignore the very uneven distribution of weight and how long it took me to get it in place without both cutting my arm off at the elbow with the window and dropping it down three stories) and has already saved me several sweaty nights.  However, the pigeons have taken to Mr. Freeze.  Yes, that’s the name of the AC.

The pigeons outside keep landing on the AC and then using it as a means to get close enough to my window to communicate with me via Morse code.  They wake me up every morning by tapping on the glass until I scream and scare them away.  For example: Monday morning.

Annnndddd then again on Wednesday:

Look at the red eye!  This pigeon is evil!  I woke up and it was just watching me suffer.  What is up with that?  I’m hoping the pigeons give up after a while and this won’t happen all summer.  If it’s going to follow me until October’s cool weather, expect a ton of photos accompanied with complaints.

Dear Guy Who Blocked the Escalator Causing Me To Miss My Six Train,

Yep.  I missed the train.  Literally, I watched it just roll away as I finished my marathon race to the platform.  The next train is in fifteen minutes.  It’s 2:34 am.  I’m exhausted, and all I can think about is getting to my apartment and sleeping.  I hope all your trains are delayed for at least a week and you get stuck behind slow old ladies every time you try to go somewhere.


The chick you ignored on the escalator