Sitting Alone

This postcard from Taiwan is actually a photograph.  I absolutely love it.  I love the fact that the boy in the photo has no idea he’s being captured in this moment forever.  And there is someone walking through it!  I think this is the best picture depicting life.  Some people are in the middle of existing, and there are always others between us and the connection we have with strangers.  Regardless, we watch and wonder and remember.


I received this card from a man in India.  He explained that this is a picture he took of his friends when they were out together.  I like it because it reminds me that regardless of where you are, friendship looks the same.

New Payment Feature

Hello lovely ladies and handsome gentlemen!

I’m writing to inform you that Etsy changed the way you can checkout!  In the past you had to have a paypal account, but now you can also purchase items using your credit card.  I’m quite excited about this–especially because this means I can buy more items from Esty as well!  If you’re interested in checking out some of the items I make, here’s a quick preview.  Click an item to view it in my shop–and feel free to check out the other items I’m offering!

Become Your Dream #1

All over the city I’ve seen “become your dream” written in different mediums on different surfaces.  Whenever I see it, it always brightens my day.  I walk past with a smile on my face and the feeling that I can do anything.  Usually, it results in pizza for dinner and getting as far as removing my novel from my bookshelf.

I’ve decided to collect pictures of them.  This is the first, found somewhere in the 80’s on 3rd avenue.

Also, check out the awesome photography skills!  Yes, that’s my coat in the picture.



Brian Ralph

All I knew about this graphic novel was that it was an “artistic” look at zombies.  I have no idea what that actually means, but I know I like zombies, so I decided to give this one a try.  Actually, now that I think about it, the review could have told me that it was about zombies having a tea party and I probably would have read it.

The whole story is told in the second person.  The main character talks to you, the reader, as if you were actually there beside him.  There were several panels where you look around or go places on your own.  It was awesome.  Sometimes I had some trouble understanding what I was doing or looking at (haha), but after going back, I could usually figure it out.
The edition I read was a hardcover copy which includes all three parts originally published separately.  At first when I looked up whether or not there was a sequel, I was excited to see there were more, but sadly that’s not the case.  If you like zombies, you’ll definitely like this one.  It was a blast!

Dear Chick Twirling Her Umbrella So Water Sprays On Everyone Walking Around Her,

May your umbrella break into one thousand million pieces.  Also, may you experience the unGodly dirty spray of a disrupted puddle as a bus flies through it doing forty on a main road.  Seriously–be considerate.


One of the people whose afternoons you ruined

Pedro and Me

Pedro and Me

Judd Winick

This graphic novel is about Pedro Zerona, the amazingly brave individual who appeared on MTV’s Real World San Francisco even though he was openly gay and had AIDS.  I knew about it because I saw him on an AIDS awareness special, but I never knew about him specifically.  The book is written by his roommate, who is a professional cartoonist.  First off, the art is just okay.  Nothing spectacular.  Also, I felt the graphic novel was more about Judd than Pedro.  He does say “me” in the title, so I suppose that’s to be expected.

I liked this inside glance at the before and after of MTV’s show.  I also liked seeing someone else’s perspective on how the world reacted to facing AIDS openly.  I think this is something teens should read–Pedro contracted HIV as a pre-teen, and it ended his life way too early.  Any chance to remind teens to be careful should always be taken.