Dear Classmate With The Awesome Name,

Thanks for all the compliments–they really help.  Your kindness and sincerity make me grateful that I sit where I do.  You affect the people around you more than you realize.  May you only have reasons to smile!


The chick on your left with the funny earrings

New Poll

Every year I take a break from the delicious YA fiction I usually consume in order to read one “classic.”  This classic is something I should have read in HS or college, but didn’t, and I really don’t have any interest in reading other than to finally get through it.  I’m leaving it up to you guys this year.  Vote kindly, these books always take me forever to get through.

Exciting News!

Since my close friends and family already know and have been busy helping me prepare, I thought I’d share my newest adventure with you guys.  I’ve been hired by a small library in Connecticut!  They just got funding to open a library in what used to be an old house (and before that, it was a barn).  Before this, residents just used the (much) bigger library about 40 minutes away.  Now they will have their own!  It’s expected to be finished by early July.

I’ll be their full-time children’s librarian.  I’m super excited–I get to plan their crafts and storytimes, and build my own collection!  Have I mentioned how much I adore spending someone else’s money to buy books for strangers?  It’s one of my very favoritest things to do.  I’ll also be in charge of planning and running the entire summer reading program, something I currently have quite a bit of experience doing, though it still causes nightmares.

I’m planning to move to CT in August, so stay tuned for news of my going-away party!  I have a lot to get done before I go.  I just wanted to thank everyone for always being so supportive and kind throughout the years, especially when it comes to this blog.  You all mean to much to me, and if you want to help me move, I promise to offer you pizza.  And beer.  And doritos.

Also, Happy April Fools Day!