The Hunger Games (2012)

The Hunger Games (2012)

Of course I saw this movie opening night, but I was surprised by all the open spots in the theater.  I suppose I’m used to Harry Potter opening nights where there are costumes and insane fans.  The movie itself was a very faithful adaptation of the book, and most of the characters looked EXACTLY as I pictured them.  Rue was absolutely perfect, as was Cinna and Foxface.  It was like someone photocopied my brain’s image of them and made it a real person.  Casting for this movie was really well done.  Katniss was the only one who I thought wasn’t cast well.  I pictured her with darker skin and with more umf.

Anyway, I was greatly disappointed by the games themselves.  The point was to show how completely disgusting the Capital’s society is to rejoice and entertain themselves with the perverted slaughter of teens by other teens.  I feel that they were too concerned with keeping their PG-13 rating, and the games should have been more violent.  Teens killing teens should make audiences feel uncomfortable.  We should wince and feel like we’re just a tad too similar to the Capital–paying money to be entertained by the deaths of vicious children.

I have no desire to see it again, though I think anyone who read the books should definitely see it.  It’s worth at least one viewing.

NYC Trees

I got a cool app for my iPhone that simulates a zombie invasion to get you to run.  Whenever you hear moaning, you’ve got to move faster to keep away from the hoards.  And while you move along, you have to collect items to bring back to the survivors.  It’s so much fun to work out when someone is screaming at you to run because the zombies are coming.  I decided to take the app for a test-run in Central Park, and eventually ended up in the Conservatory.  I paused the app for a moment to sit by blossoming trees:

It was such a gorgeous day–perfect for evading zombies.  I’m hoping to one day come back and just sit under a tree and write.  Or run around like a crazy person.  Whichever.

Week Ninety-Eight

I’m down two pounds, undoing the evil of last week.  I feel good about that because I’ve been trying hard to control how much I eat, when and why I eat, as well as what I eat.  Eating six bananas is significantly less harmful than eating six Girl Scout cookies.  I forgot how hard it is sometimes to justify waiting, or “taking one for the team.”  There are times when healthy options are not available to me, and I have to get over the fact that perfection is not exactly obtainable.  It’s a hard lesson to learn.  Now that I’ve lost so much weight and I don’t have that much more to go (53 pounds), I’ve been focusing on making healthier choices instead of keeping weight-loss as a prime goal.  Hopefully better food picking and the running will prove just as helpful as my previous methods.

I started running last week, and so far my average mile time is: 14 minutes and 18 seconds.  I’m told this is a normal average, which pleases me since I haven’t run ever in my life (except to catch the Q17, which I ALWAYS miss).  Each week I should be running at least one day, so I’ll have a new average to show you guys.  Think I can get it down to 11 minutes by the end of the summer?  I have no idea how realistic/unrealistic a goal that is.  I know zero about the art of running.  Someone with more knowledge tell me if it’s possible!



Suzanna Fisher Staples

I’m realizing I judge books too quickly.  Thank God I have issues not finishing a book once I’ve started.  The beginning was a bit slow, but once Shabanu gets going, she’s a great main character.  It made me aware of the bias towards Middle Eastern women, especially in our society.  It also made me really think about what makes a woman “strong.”  Shabanu works what she can with what she has.  While she may be forced to cover her hair and follow her parent’s orders, no one can force her to stop thinking, and she never once stops her thoughts.  I don’t know if I could be that brave and smart.
I highly recommend this book to young girls–they should get a chance to read about a brave, strong, intelligent pre-teen in a world where everything regarding her future is decided for her.  Go get it!  I’ll be checking out the sequel as soon as I can get my hands on a copy.

The Raid: Redemption (2012)

The Raid: Redemption (2012)

I’m a huge fan of these kinds of fight-to-the-death-or-else kinds of films.  It’s the reason I love zombie stuff so much–one wrong choice is the difference between living and dying.  The audience picks a favorite and you silently cheer them on until the end of the film.

This movie certainly didn’t skip on any of the violence and blood.  If that’s not your bag, then I suggest you stay away.  They don’t shy away from blood and guts.

The plot is full of revenge, twists and turns, crooked deals and betrayals.  I loved it!  It’s also a short one (compared to what’s been coming out lately), which really made me happy.  Sometimes three hour movies ruin the experience because they’re just too long.  This one was short and sweet and got right to the point.  They waste no time with unnecessary crap.

Oh!  And the movie takes place in Indonesia.  It isn’t in English, so there are subtitles (not like there’s a lot of time in between fighting for long talks).  Overall, I adored it and would definitely see it again!

Bubble Tea

I’m a huge fan of bubble tea (it’s like interactive food!) and so my brother and Nick and I got some tea.  I had just finished eating two slices of pizza as big as a cat.  Seriously.  Together they equaled a half of a normal sized pie.  We had to celebrate, of course.  While we were there, my brother captured me trying some of his tea.  It was delicious.  Here’s my serious tea-trying face:

Could that spoon be any longer?  Possibly.  I ordered a sesame milk tea, and it was awesome.  It got little black bits stuck in my teeth, which was even more fun than trying to suck tapioca balls up a bent straw.  I’m totally going back for more tomorrow!

Week Ninety-Seven

I’ve been having quite a bit of trouble reigning in the eating this week.  I gained another two pounds, which isn’t completely truthful since I weighed in right after lunch.  Next week will be the honest test of how much I’m off track.  I’m going to have a redo on Wednesday–I’ll be more focused and more dedicated.  This is important to me and I want to do well.

In other (more productive) news, I’ve decided to try my hand at running again.  Right now I’m going to focus on trying to do it once a week.  Once I can keep that schedule going, I’m going to up it to twice a week and so on.  Wish me luck!  If I can manage to get a set routine going, I’m going to also throw in yoga.  I need to get back into working out.  I miss the energy boost, and clearly my body misses it.

This is all for now.  I hope I have better news for you next week.  Enjoy the spring!



Hope Larson

This book reminds me of Anya.  It takes place in Nova Scotia (present day), but it switches between now and 1859, when the gold rush reached the area.  The art was great, and I really liked the main character Tara.

Tara and Josey are two girls who grew up in the same town–Josey is actually Tara’s ancestor, so realizing that was interesting.  The budding romance with Ben and the conflict with Tara’s mother could have been fleshed out more than it was.  Some hints about the mother were dropped, but it wasn’t like she was integral to the story.
It only took me one trip (1.5 hours) to school to finish it, so don’t expect this to entertain you for a long while–it won’t.  I still recommend you read it though.  Fans of graphic novels will enjoy this–it’s timey whimey.
Also, as I was typing this, I happened to realize the cover contains Josey’s silhouette.  Awesomeeee!