The Hunger Games (2012)

The Hunger Games (2012)

Of course I saw this movie opening night, but I was surprised by all the open spots in the theater.  I suppose I’m used to Harry Potter opening nights where there are costumes and insane fans.  The movie itself was a very faithful adaptation of the book, and most of the characters looked EXACTLY as I pictured them.  Rue was absolutely perfect, as was Cinna and Foxface.  It was like someone photocopied my brain’s image of them and made it a real person.  Casting for this movie was really well done.  Katniss was the only one who I thought wasn’t cast well.  I pictured her with darker skin and with more umf.

Anyway, I was greatly disappointed by the games themselves.  The point was to show how completely disgusting the Capital’s society is to rejoice and entertain themselves with the perverted slaughter of teens by other teens.  I feel that they were too concerned with keeping their PG-13 rating, and the games should have been more violent.  Teens killing teens should make audiences feel uncomfortable.  We should wince and feel like we’re just a tad too similar to the Capital–paying money to be entertained by the deaths of vicious children.

I have no desire to see it again, though I think anyone who read the books should definitely see it.  It’s worth at least one viewing.

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  1. Jennifer Lawrence may not look quite right as Katniss, but her performance is beautiful. Even with the amount of backstory they cut, you still totally get her character’s motivations because SHE gets her character’s motivations and conveys them perfectly. I will defend that performance until the day I die, I love Jennifer Lawrence.

    Movie-making is a business. The target audience of this film is teenagers, so the film can’t be rated R. It is what it is. That first bloodbath scene at the Cornucopia is pretty friggin gruesome, though. Plus, the movie added the Seneca Crane/President Snow scenes to give us more fuel for the hatred of the Capital and all it represents, so I feel like it worked.
    I loved the movie way more than I loved the book (which…I didn’t. I liked the book okay, but mostly found it predictable and depressing).
    Cinna for President of the Universe!

    1. Perhaps I saw it too soon after watching The Raid, but I wanted blood and guts and manic screaming. Also, I remember us disagreeing about the books. S’all good–all that matters is I so second your Cinna for President of the Universe forever and ever. Amen.

    2. I agree with everything up to and excluding loving the movie more than the book. The book is tops in my heart. (As is Jennifer Lawrence.)

      The film did make me feel uncomfortable about watching and enjoying a film about state-organized child-killing. Maybe it’s just an subjective-perspectivey wibbly-wobbly kind of thing.

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