NYC Trees

I got a cool app for my iPhone that simulates a zombie invasion to get you to run.  Whenever you hear moaning, you’ve got to move faster to keep away from the hoards.  And while you move along, you have to collect items to bring back to the survivors.  It’s so much fun to work out when someone is screaming at you to run because the zombies are coming.  I decided to take the app for a test-run in Central Park, and eventually ended up in the Conservatory.  I paused the app for a moment to sit by blossoming trees:

It was such a gorgeous day–perfect for evading zombies.  I’m hoping to one day come back and just sit under a tree and write.  Or run around like a crazy person.  Whichever.

One thought on “NYC Trees”

  1. This sounds like an app I need to get! I could totally envision you running like a madwoman through the park LOL! The trees are gorgeous too, I think even the zombies would have to stop to admire them 😉

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