I Am Legend (2007)

I Am Legend (2007)

I’ve wanted to see this movie for a very long time.  I remember when they were filming and my friend Brianna told me how they had set up hundreds of potted plants everywhere and they were keeping her from getting to class on time.  Seeing Union Square and the potted plant scene was fun.  Also a bit creepy.  And sad.  I recognize those places–it was strange to see them in ruin.

I liked that I was conflicted over what to think regarding the doctor behind the outbreak–Neville didn’t exactly redeem himself completely in the end, but what he chooses to do does help.  The sudden God injection was awkward and strange.  I would have much preferred that “God’s plan” stay out of the redemption of man–especially when it was man who screwed it all up.
All in all, I enjoyed the movie though my favorite character was definitely Sam.  She totally could have survived on her own.  Maybe when the zombies come, Simon will be as great.  Maybe.  Probably not.  I’d be dead if I had to depend on him, haha.

If you like end-of-the-world redemption tales, I highly recommend this one.  And when you finish, tell me what you think of the ending.

Week One Hundred!

WEEK ONE HUNDRED, YOU GUYS!  I HAVE BEEN DOING THIS FOR ONE HUNDRED VERY LONG WEEKS!  Okay, maybe they’re not very long.  They’re normal weeks.  Some weeks were better than others, but they’ve been filled with you, and so they’ve been spectacular.  I mean it.

Anyway, this week I lost 5.2–bringing my grand total to 83.2 pounds lost since I started.  I’m on my way to 100 pounds!  When that happens, I am going to just explode.  Everywhere.  Dani bits on every surface.

I ran today, and my average time per mile (ATM from now on) is 13:43.  Not the fastest, but still under 14 minutes, so I’m happy!  The zombies caught me, and made me drop a can of tinned food.  Stupid zombies.

All in all, I’m happy and feeling healthy.  I wish you all the very best of weeks!

Gregor the Overlander

Gregor the Overlander

Suzanne Collins

I didn’t know Suzanne Collins wrote other books (besides The Hunger Games) until I was assigned this for class.  While I definitely like The Hunger Games more, I sincerely enjoyed this one too.  The Underland world was pretty great.  I found myself especially favoring the relationship between Boots and the cockroaches.

There are more books in the series, though I’m not exactly sure how many.  I know more than four, possibly five.  This book ends in such a way that I’d be satisfied enough not to read the others.  We all know I’ll pick them up anyway.  I said I wouldn’t finish the Percy Jackson series and we all know how that ended.

In the mood for a classic kid-warrior saving the world with his gold heart and steadfast loyalty?  Need a fast read with a happy ending?  I’d try this one out then.  It’s got the potential to delightfully surprise you.

No Underwear!

Zoe, my awesome rock-touching friend from Princeton, sent me this one.  I have it hanging on my wall because that’s exactly what I look like when I realize I don’t have any clean underwear left because I neglected to do laundry.

Dear Guy Reading The Same Book As Me,

You’ll never know me, and I’ll never see you again, but seeing your fingers hold the spot of your book where I’m currently reading mine made my soul smile.  We’re reading the same part of the same book at the same time.  If that’s not magic, then I don’t know what is.  I hope you enjoy the book!


The chick who giggled when you exited the subway holding your book between your hands like a prayer

Central Park Turtles

On the first nice day of spring, I decided the only way to celebrate was to walk though the park and enjoy the warmth, the animals, and the kid giggles everywhere.  I happily observed the geese, the ducks and the illegal fishers.  Then I happened to come across the most amazing thing I have ever seen.  One trillion turtles on a rock.

I like turtles.  I like them a lot.  But I have never in my life come across so many turtles hanging out together like that.  I couldn’t help but stop and stare.  This photo comes thanks to my roommate, who, after listening to me beg for several dozen minutes, hopped on stones with my iPhone to snap the picture.

Miss Peregrin’s Home for Peculiar Children

Miss Peregrin’s Home for Peculiar Children

Ransom Riggs

I’ve been dying to read this one for ages.  I mean, look at it–what a cover!  The inside looks just as impressive.  The story is littered with real pictures and it gets even better!  A co-worker pointed out to me that the photos are real!  They’re all from collections that are thanked at the end of the book.  How cool is that?

Unfortunately, the beginning of the book is as painful to get through as a root canal without Novocaine.  Once the reader meets the kids, everything gets much better.  Another unfortunate piece of news is that the ending makes it seem like another book is on it’s way, though I haven’t heard any definite news about a sequel yet.  Just rumors (which I hope are all true).

I’d be so disappointed if this was all we got.  However, if there IS another, I’m very curious to see what pictures he’ll use.  I’m hesitant to recommend this book to other people because of the slow start, but if you’re willing to get passed that, I think this will entertain many of you.

Dear Boy Who Misses Concerts Because I Talk Too Much,

It’s about time you got your own Letter to the Universe.  You should know that you make the hard parts of living more bearable and the good parts more exciting.  I wish you had someone in your life that does for you what you do for me.  You have no idea how very important you are–not just to me, but to everyone who encounters you.  May you find your forever happiness and may it be worth what you put up with from me (on a daily basis).  Thank you for keeping my secrets.


The chick who chokes on tapioca balls