Mush!: Sled Dogs With Issues

Mush!: Sled Dogs With Issues

Glenn Eichler

This book is very short and sweet.  The story is consists of chapters following the lives and daily activities of sled dogs and their master (and his mate).  I had a hard time at first telling the dogs apart (especially Fiddler and Venus).  Once I got the dogs down though, as well as their personalities, the stories were much funnier.  I even went back to re-read the first chapter again after I finished.

Winston was my favorite dog to hate, and Buddy was my favorite dog, period.  With his adorable tail and his natural ability to woo the ladies–I adored him.
This one’s a cutie.  Check it out if you like quick graphic novels and dogs.  Oh, and grumpy men.  There’s one of those in the story too.

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