Lost Earring Adventure

A few weeks ago I came home, put my groceries away and then cooked myself a delicious dinner.  When I was finished, I got ready for bed, only to realize that I had only one earring.  Now, if it was just a regular store-bought pair, I wouldn’t care too much, but these earrings are one-of-a-kind.  My mom made me these earrings, and they are by far my favorite pair in the world.  They are red, and match everything and when I am nervous or bored, I can twist the bead in the middle.  I love these earrings.

To say I was a little bit upset to find one missing is like saying the ocean is a little bit full of fish pee.  I made Bubbles look for it and then I even obnoxiously hung the remaining earring on the wall so everyone who passed through my apartment would know what to look for.  I mourned the loss of the earring, and after a week, decided to finally just give up and ask my mom to make me a new pair.

But first, I was determined to eat some grapes.  When I lifted the grapes out of my fridge, look what I found:

Please ignore the fact that my fridge looks like it hasn’t been cleaned since it was purchased.

Anyway, I have no idea how my earring got in the fridge or why I didn’t find it sooner.  Regardless, I forwarded this picture to everyone and gleefully ran around the apartment laughing and screaming with joy.  Silly earring, fridge is for food!

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