Maus: Volume 1

Maus: Volume 1

Art Spiegelman

The Holocaust is a very touchy subject with children.  Many novels hold back when they give details regarding the barbarism and complete cruelty of the time.

Maus doesn’t do that.  It provides readers with the nitty, gritty details of Art Spiegelman’s father’s experience.  Some parts were hard to read, and most of it reminds me of a horror movie.  These people, who only a few days earlier had normal experiences and worried about things I worry about, now had to run for their lives and pay civilians to hide them.  I couldn’t imagine having to do that.  I can’t imagine having the brains and courage to do the things they did.
I also really liked how the recount of the Holocaust were placed between visits when the graphic novel was being written.  Through these encounters you realize Art’s father is no saint, but he’s human, like the rest of us.  He’s lost unimaginable things and somehow survived.  I wish I could say I’m impressed, but mostly I’m horrified.  He should have never had to go through any of that, period.  Trying to put myself in his shoes was too terrifying.  This is something everyone should read–and something that should be passed on.  It should never be forgotten or dumbed down.

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