Black Swan (2011)

Black Swam (2011)

Okay, what?  Was she just completely cooky the whole time?  Did I miss something more?  Did she really dance the entire last act with glass lodged in her abdomen?  How did she not bleed to death before then?

And what was up with her mother?  Is everyone who dances crazy?  Or is this isolated to just the New York branch?  I think I missed the major point of this movie because I got to the end feeling just as confused and annoyed as when I started.  Can someone explain the purpose of this film to me?
I think it’s safe to say that I didn’t enjoy it.  I think I may have liked it better if they hadn’t made her crazy.  Why wouldn’t the film be about some young woman trying to make it big while exploring her sexuality?  Why doe a woman have to be crazy to do that?
Bleck.  Talk about disappointing.

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  1. A woman’s vagina is a sin machine. Anyone who attempts to extort pleasure from such a horrible place is crazy and condemned to a life without salvation.

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