Fanaa (2006)

Fanaa (2006)

I’m not going to lie–this movie was beyond disappointing.  The DVD case led me to believe this was a movie following my usual Bollywood format: Intense romantic interest, impossible odds, great music, dancing and costumes.  Very wrong!  The beginning is like that (though with minimal songs).  Then intermission hits and the movie takes a swan dive off a cliff.  It was so insane!  It goes from playful to terrorism and betrayal.  I felt like I was watching two completely different movies.

Also, the music in this one is not very good.  The main characters are mostly enjoyable (when they’re not dropping fathers off cliffs) and Zooni certainly redeemed herself at the end of the film, but the rest?  Highly not worth it.  Skip this one.

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  1. I could’ve warned you. it’s one of the terrorist musicals. don’t watch dil se, it’s even more depressing. Mahabbetein (not sure of the spelling) and Dil to Pagal Hai are both great more traditional Bollywood musicals, and both are on Netflix instant now.

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