Hats for Kiva

Hello everyone!

I’ve decided that since it’s a new year, I should do new things.  I’ve always liked kiva.org, which is a site that allows people to loan money to entrepreneurs from different countries free of interest.  I sponsored four loans last year, and I would like to give more.  I’m proposing a hat sale–for each item in my etsy shop someone purchases during the months of January and February, I will donate half of the cost to kiva.org (the remaining money goes towards buying more supplies like yarn).

This means that 5 hats = 1 loan.  You can browse my items by going to my etsy shop.  You can follow my loans through my lender page here: The Daily Dani on Kiva

If you’d rather not own the things I make, but would like to give money towards a loan, you can donate it through the button on the top of the sidebar.  All donations will be given to kiva.


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