Page by Paige

Page by Paige

Laura Lee Gulledge

This was exactly the graphic novel I needed.  It’s about a girl who adores drawing and moves to New York City with her parents.  The story follows her as she explores what it means to be an artist, as well as how to be yourself, how to make new friends and open up to others.

Ignoring the fact that the art is absolutely spectacular and mind blowing at times, the main character (Paige) and her friends are brilliant.  She has a truthful fire inside her, one I wish I possessed and while she is often very strong and brave, she doesn’t exactly start out that way.

My favorite part of the whole book (besides any time Gabe is around) is when Paige’s old friend visits her in New York and meet her new friends.  They get along wonderfully, showing that Paige managed to carve out a brand new life for herself without discarding her old one.  I loved that.

If you’ve just moved somewhere, or you know someone who has just moved somewhere, seriously consider getting them this book.  They’ll appreciate it, especially if they’re into art–be it writing, drawing or even music.  I was inspired by Paige so much that I think I might ask to receive this book for my birthday.  Everyone needs a Paige in their life to remind them to keep being themselves!

Go read it!  Right now!

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