30 Days of Night: Bloodsucker Tales (Volume Four)

30 Days of Night: Bloodsucker Tales (Volume Four)

Steve Niles

Okay, this volume is a bit confusing.  It includes stories that were also published alone (from what I understand).  This one contains “Juarez” and “Dead Billy Dead.”  While they fit in our 30 Days world, the characters are not from the stories we’re already read.

I enjoyed having a tiny break from Barrow, though “Juarez” left me feeling odd.  To begin with, I saw a documentary about the missing girls in Juarez a few years ago (which really left a lasting impression).  The fact that they were tying that into the 30 Days story made me feel uncomfortable.  Also, it had a disappointing ending, and the middle was a tad confusing.  I still have a few dozen questions regarding what happened but I also noticed there was a Bloodsuckers volume two.  Perhaps my questions will be answered there?  Who knows.  All in all, I enjoyed this volume, though not as much as the last one.  I’m really dying to continue my way through the series, so onto volume five!

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