NaNoWriMo Update #4

My last NaNo update for this  year!  It’s gone quickly.  This week the story got harder and harder to write.  I know where it ends, and where I want it to go, but transitioning between scenes was difficult.  I’m about three thousand words behind where I should be (thank you school) and I mostly just would adore a nap.  Today I managed to write about four thousand words, and I got myself to a point where I know exactly where everything is going.  I went from really terrible to very good today, so yay!

I got lots of compliments from people regarding the little bit I included last time, so I’m going to include the last thing I wrote tonight.  At this point in the story, Charlotte, now a much older woman than the last time you read her, is sitting in a room with her doctor.  Please remember it’s hot off the keyboard and not edited yet:

He nodded his head, and she did as well.  “I would ask if I am going to die, but we are all dying, aren’t we?”

The doctor cleared his throat.  “Charlotte, you have brain cancer.  We can try some aggressive treatments, but you might want to wait for George to be here before we talk about them.”

He watched the corner of her mouth twitch slightly as she processed what he just said.  Without a word, tears lined the bottom of her eyes, and fell.  She bowed her head, and whispered, “No…there’s no need to talk about treatments.  Be very honest with me, do I have a high chance of surviving?”

“No,” said the doctor, closing his eyes and taking his glasses off.  He squeezed the bridge of his nose with his fingers, willing his tears away.  “I don’t think treatment will save you.”

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