Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation

Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation

Matt Myklusch

What a great title, right?  The beginning of the story is incredible and hooks the reader immediately and completely.  There are tons of puns and plays on words.  It reminded me a bit of The Phantom Tollbooth with the way some things were worded.  The middle gets a bit rough, but the ending certainly delivers.

The entire book feels like one giant inside joke–and many of Myklusch’s double entendres are such a pleasure to reach.  Though the writing itself isn’t the very best at times, and some moments had me rolling my eyes, I thought it was marvelous.

In the end, I had to remind myself that it is a kid’s book and simply enjoy all the pleasant bits the way they are meant to be enjoyed.  Regardless, I loved it.  Those who love puns, word play and text saturated with meaning will adore this story.  Also, it won’t hurt if you enjoy a healthy serving of cyborgs, ninjas, vikings and aliens.  I definitely recommend picking up a copy and reading it aloud to someone (especially a young boy).  I have a feeling this would be a GREAT read-aloud.

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