Dear Woman Weeping On The Subway,

At first you just looked sad, which made me wish I could help you, though I quickly went back to my reading without a second thought about it.  Then you started weeping–and I don’t mean I secretly caught a tear.  You were close to wailing.  I felt extremely guilty.  I had no idea what I should do.  Worse than that, I was more concerned with what was socially acceptable than helping another human being.  Even after you were approached by several other riders, I still hesitated.  I’m sorry.  I’m really sorry.  When you suddenly got up to leave at what seemed like a random stop, I wanted to follow you.

I was afraid you would jump or harm youself in another way.  Even though I am almost a week too late, I just wanted to say: I’m sorry.  I’m sorry I was too scared to offer you some kind words.  I’m also sorry for whatever happened.  Whatever it is, it will get better. You seemed kind and sincere, and I am sure that life has something wonderful planned for you soon.

I hope you found someone to talk to that day.  I hope you confided in a person who loves you absolutely and completely and you felt better after.  I wish for you, in this letter to the universe, kindness and respect from others.  I hope you are treated well and receive the understanding you deserve.


The girl telepathically sending you her sympathies and well wishes

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