Dear Guy Giving Out Free Advice At The Union Square Farmer’s Market,

Remember me?  I asked for advice on making friends in the city and you told me to be myself because my smile was radiant.  You also bet me that people adored being around me because of the positive energy I gave off.  What you don’t know (or perhaps you do) is that you completely changed my day for the better.  Even though you were simply being kind, I thought about your words not only for the rest of that day, but also for the remainder of the week.  I had one more reason to smile each day, and whenever someone smiled back, it reminded me of what you said.  I know you were just doing what you said you would do, but you deserve to know that you made an impossibly large difference in my life.  Thank you.


The chick who laughed while you complimented her.

PS: I promise not to go to bars.

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