Banana Ghost Fail

Now that Halloween is over, I bet you’re already thinking about what you’ll make for next Halloween.  Here’s recipe that sounded so delicious, so extremely wonderful, that I found myself dying to make them.  The recipe is really simple:

Melt white chocolate (slowly) in a pot.  Chop some bananas in half, and dip each half into the white chocolate.  On top of the white chocolate, draw two eyes and a mouth with milk chocolate or a icing pen.  This is what it’s supposed to look like:

They’re completely adorable, right?  Right.  Now look at how mine came out:

Oh sweet Jesus, look at those things!  It looks like a kindergartener made them!  So much for having a bachelors degree, eh?

Here’s what I think I did wrong (and what you should avoid):

  • Not all white chocolates are created equal.  Spend the extra money and buy a trusty brand of melting (not baking) chocolates.
  • When dipping ghosts, don’t use a fork.  They explode when in the chocolate.  Use sticks, and make sure they’re evenly coated while you’re at it.
  • They should go in the freezer right away.  No, don’t argue with me.  Freezer.  Right away.
  • If people aren’t going to eat them immediately, keep them in the freezer.  They’ll melt.  And when they melt, they’ll look worse than the picture.  That was taken pre-melt-a-thon.

And there you have it.  Hopefully next Halloween you try this recipe out and it comes out better than mine.  If you do try it, shoot me a picture.  I’ll happily post it while pretending not to be really jealous.  Happy Halloween!

2 thoughts on “Banana Ghost Fail”

  1. LOL…definitely must freeze… you should also dip them more than once to create a thicker layer… maybe it’ll help if you freeze the banana first…. i will definitely try it next year or the next time i work with chocolate….. thanks for the laugh

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