Tellos: Reluctant Heroes (Volume One)

Tellos: Reluctant Heroes (Volume One)

Todd Dezago

This graphic novel reminds me a lot of Jeff Smith’s Bone series.  It’s a world mixed with humans and not-humans, with a dark side just scheming to get free.  Even though the book started painfully silly, I stuck with it and was rewarded with a story that really was quite fun and interesting.  I will say though–I can’t stand the way the frog guards talk and have vowed to skip over them whenever they appear.  Besides them, I like the main characters enough to worry about their future (especially after the huge cliffhanger of an ending).  Kaj is my favorite.  They better spend a ton of time in the next volume exploring his story.  Or else.

I think this first volume opens the door to many story-lines and a plot full of adventure.  If they could lose the over-the-top silliness, I could see this being a series I’d adore.  I’ll definitely give volume two a chance.  Also, the extras at the end of the graphic novel include tons of cover sketches, character designs and two bonus mini-issues.  If you’re in the mood for a very quick, fantasy-filled graphic novel, then I suggest you pick this one up!

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