Hello Ladies

Hello Ladies (and Gentlemen).

I know, I haven’t been around in a while.  I’ve been trying to keep Dani on track with her blogging and her working and her schooling and her cleaning.  It’s very hard work, I assure you.  I’ve been throwing food at her to remind her about midterms and dinner, but that just makes her throw it back at me.  She’s very rude.

Since she’s currently busy trying to pass all her classes, I’ve been charged with the important task of informing you all that in less than a week, we’ll be entering the month of November–and with November comes NaNoWriMo.  Because she is exceptionally busy this semester, she’ll be putting the blog’s major projects on hold so she can concentrate on completing the 50,000 word requirement for the month.  This means the Battle of the Libraries, Dani in the City, Literature Reviews and Recipes will be placed on hold until December 1st.

I’ve been asked to also introduce the next coming project regarding libraries: Dani would like to extend an invitation to all guest writers who would like to review a library.  Reviews should be about one library (any library outside of Nassau county–they deserve a break).  Library employees should refrain from reviewing the library that employs them, and reviews should reflect the qualities of the library that appeal to them as a patron.  Dani has made it clear to me during her night-time ramblings than her reviews were subjective (as reviews should be) and leaves the floor open for future reviews to possibly favor other aspects of libraries.  Between you and me, I think she’s just nosy and wants to know what other library users find interesting and important.  I haven’t been asked to write a review–she already knows that any library that allows birds would get a wing up from me.  Anyway, guest writers should keep reviews honest and kind and tasteful.  Dani reads to me every night and I will personally delete any submissions I think are mean or written with ill-intentions.  I have feet!  I can do things like that!

All submissions can be sent to thedailydani@gmail.com with your name and general location.  Try to include at least one picture–Dani loves seeing libraries!

As always, you can watch Dani’s progress through NaNoWriMo with the word count widget on the sidebar.  If you’d like to send her encouragement through the mail, or through e-mail, I’m sure she would appreciate that a lot.  Just don’t throw food at her.  She doesn’t like that.

All my love,

Edward Rochester

Week Seventy-Three

Welp, I re-gained the pound and a half I lost last week.  That drives me crazy.  Going up and down like this is beyond annoying, and I’m mostly annoyed because I am walking more than ever these days and eating within my limits.  It might be the result of wearing drastically different clothes each week, and weighing myself in the middle of the day at different times.  I’m not sure how I go about fixing this, but I’m hoping that next week shows a huge loss to make up for the gain and then some.  I’m so close to 75 pounds–I just would love to stop hovering over that big goal!

I’ve been getting a lot of compliments this week from people, which is always a lovely thing.  I bounce between disappointment at my numbers, and glee from my compliments.  Perhaps this is a lesson I have to learn this week: Even though the scale says I’m going in the wrong direction, what everyone sees is the right stuff. I should listen to the eyes of those around me rather than some electronic digit.  I’m going to work on that over the next few days.

I hope your week is full of the good kind of gains!

Tellos: Reluctant Heroes (Volume One)

Tellos: Reluctant Heroes (Volume One)

Todd Dezago

This graphic novel reminds me a lot of Jeff Smith’s Bone series.  It’s a world mixed with humans and not-humans, with a dark side just scheming to get free.  Even though the book started painfully silly, I stuck with it and was rewarded with a story that really was quite fun and interesting.  I will say though–I can’t stand the way the frog guards talk and have vowed to skip over them whenever they appear.  Besides them, I like the main characters enough to worry about their future (especially after the huge cliffhanger of an ending).  Kaj is my favorite.  They better spend a ton of time in the next volume exploring his story.  Or else.

I think this first volume opens the door to many story-lines and a plot full of adventure.  If they could lose the over-the-top silliness, I could see this being a series I’d adore.  I’ll definitely give volume two a chance.  Also, the extras at the end of the graphic novel include tons of cover sketches, character designs and two bonus mini-issues.  If you’re in the mood for a very quick, fantasy-filled graphic novel, then I suggest you pick this one up!

Spicy Fish

I’m getting really good at finding meals that take me about 8 seconds to make.  Here’s my favorite!  To make spicy fish, you will need:

Fish fillets (I like flounder or tilapia best)

A spicy herb mix (I use a cajun blend)

First, I buy the fillets fresh.  I rinse them, toss them onto a piece of tin foil and coat one side with my spices.  The cajun blend I use doesn’t contain salt, so I also sprinkle just a tiny pinch of salt on each fillet.  I set the oven to 325, give it a minute to heat up, and then plop the tin foiled fillets onto the top rack.

I let them cook for about 15 minutes, or until they are pleasantly white, then I take them out, toss them on a plate and serve like so:

Looks delicious, right?  I like this simple meal because it’s very filling and keeps me from being lazy and buying junky food on the way home.  Also, yes, I like to drink soda with my fish out of a Doctor Who mug.  It tastes better that way, if you must know.  I also usually toss a serving of frozen fries into the oven, though those take way longer than the fish to cook, hence why they missed the photo.

East Meadow vs Bethpage

East Meadow

You know the Louvre pyramid?  That’s kind of what this library reminded me of while I was driving past it.  Tons of windows make the outside of this library look quite artsy.  I liked it.  There was a ton of parking, which was lovely, and I noticed a post box right by the door.  I love when libraries have post boxes by the door!  There are a few that I saw during my travels, but this one is literally right by the door.

Inside is just as huge as the outside suggests it is, but what you’d never guess from the parking lot is just how many books are stuffed into this building.  I felt a bit overwhelmed when the librarian brought me to the shelves after I asked her for a book and I noticed that every shelf was jam-packed with books.  For someone who loves to hold literature,  it took everything in my power not to cuddle with the shelves.

There are tons of computers and reading nooks and the windows keep this library as bright as you can imagine.  After being helped by a very pleasant librarian, I picked my book from the shelf and wandered around until I found graphic novels.  I picked an interesting book from here as well, and then made my way back to the circulation desk after looping around the library twice.  I found myself wishing I had more time to just browse everything they had here.  There was a nice hum of people working and whispering and browsing and walking–I liked it.

The clerk was very kind and joked with me about the strange weather we’d been having all week.  I left feeling happy and eager to come back for a second visit–especially since I felt like I hadn’t spent enough time there to really see everything I wanted to.


This library  is very long–from the outside, it reminded me of a pool because of really nice blue.  There is a ton of parking across the street, which was great, though to get to the library you have to cross at a crosswalk.  I didn’t have much trouble wandering across.  I walked in and headed to the librarian at the reference desk, and asked for my typical book.  She rejected most of my attempts at small talk, and without a word to me, led me to the shelves to show me where my book was located.  While we were at the shelves, she saw a few books nearby that were also on my topic, and pointed them out to me as well.  I thanked her for the help and before leaving, she showed me even more books that, while not exactly on my topic, might also be helpful.  I really appreciated that extra help.

And then, because I haven’t embarrassed myself at a library in a week, I prepared myself to sound like an idiot.  Before I returned to the librarian, I stopped at the graphic novels–which Bethpage has a TON of.  Any fans of the comic won’t be disappointed here, especially if you like DC heroes.  There were shelves and shelves of superheroes.  I grabbed two that looked really good and then went to make a fool of myself.

On the way in, I had noticed that there were tons of computers by the reference desk.  They had different signs by them, and I wasn’t exactly sure how they worked.  I decided to ask the librarian about the rules regarding computer usage.  Only, I asked about the rules for the computers in Farmingdale, which was the library I planned on visiting after Bethpage.  This is almost too embarrassing to admit, but hey–I’m human (hold the cylon jokes) too, right?

The reason for my sudden moron moment was that Pottermore had just opened and I was too busy having a nerdattack to use any brain cells.

Anyway, so I blurt out the wrong library, and the librarian gives me this look like I had just asked her if I could borrow a tomato.  Confused by her confusion, I prepared myself to swallow my pride and admit the reason I wanted to use a computer, but before I could, she pointed to the computers and explained how they worked.  It wasn’t until I logged into a computer that I realized why she didn’t understand what I was asking.  I was so embarrassed by how stupid I had been that I called a friend the moment I got to my car and told her how I’ve yet to go a week without pulling a painfully silly stunt at a library.  She just laughed at me and reassured me that the librarian was probably on a break now, saying, “So you’ll never guess what this very confused dingbat said to me today…”

Before that, though, I tried to make friendly conversation with the circulation clerk, but I was already aware of my massive oops, so I’m sure I nervously laughed a lot and made lame jokes about the weather.  The clerk didn’t call me out on it though.  Instead, she politely smiled and wished me a good day, which was really nice of her.

All in all, besides the moment of dumb I had, Bethpage was a really nice library.  It was silent (as in, I felt like I should breathe quieter) when I was there, and they had several tables by the non-fiction for studying, which would please anyone who has to get some work done.


This match is quite close–many of them are.  Both libraries had huge lots, though East Meadow’s was more convenient.  They’re both beautiful libraries, inside and out.  East Meadow seemed to have more materials, but Bethpage definitely had the better work environment and more graphic novels.  I can’t say Bethpage doesn’t have professional staff, that’s for sure.  The librarian never once made me feel like an idiot for my slip.  East Meadow had a lot to offer, and with it came this busy vibe of getting things done.  Bethpage on the other hand was quiet and relaxed.  They were both great working environments.  This is really a hard decision.  That being said, I think the only thing I can do is:


East Meadow wins the round, and Bethpage gets an honorable appearance in round two (there’s an odd number of libraries, so it works out well).  The heart is for not making me feel silly during my visit.

Week Seventy-Two

I lost almost all of the weight I gained last week, which is quite nice.  I began my running routine but then realized that without a gym to go to, I wouldn’t be able to keep it up as winter comes closer.  I decided to put running on hold until the spring/summer months when it’s light outside for much longer.

Bubbles opened me to the demonic world of bubble tea this weekend, so tomorrow I plan on getting some to sip at work.  So much for drinking more water!  Haha.  I’m still looking for a yoga place, but so far, no luck.  I think that’s all the updates for now.  Have a great week!

Foiled (Volume One)


Jane Yolen

This book turned into something completely different than what I was expecting.  I opened it expecting a simple story about a girl who loves to foil, but it developed into an interesting fantasy tale.  Now, I’m not exactly sure if there is a second book coming out, but I assume there is.  Nothing much happens in this volume except for character introductions and lots of plot set-up for future adventures.  Jane Yolen is a great storyteller, so I don’t think she’d just let a grand story like this drop off as a single volume.

That being said, I really enjoyed this very weird and very strong main character we follow around.  And I especially adore the colors of the book when they begin to peek out from behind corners and splash onto the page.  Our main character is color blind, so most of the volume is featured in different shades of gray.  That is, until she sees the colors of the world around her and the illustrations explode with beautiful and vibrant yellows and greens and reds.

I highly suggest you grab a copy of this one, and hopefully a second volume comes out soon.

Week Seventy-One

This week I gained a pound and a half, but that’s most likely from hormones.  I haven’t been eating an insane amount and I’ve been walking.  I’m not too worried about it.

I’ve decided to try to train myself to run a mile.  I’m pretty excited!  On Monday I went to the park and ran around for a little while.  Tonight I went to the track to run–my current time is a mile in 12 minutes.  Not bad!  I think my main goal is to be able to run and not have to stop.  If I can do that, I would be pretty proud of myself.  Here’s to a new project!