To Dance: A Ballerina’s Graphic Novel

To Dance: A Ballerina’s Graphic Novel

Siena Cherson Siegel

This children’s graphic novel is a memoir that tells the tale of a young girl who dreams the big dream of dancing professionally.  It goes through her struggles, her passions and her relationship with her family.  I really enjoyed seeing the transformation of this girl throughout the years it takes for her to become a ballerina.  I thought it fit well as a graphic novel, which I originally doubted because dance is based so heavily in movement and gestures.  The artwork is lovely, and not a drop of movement is lost.  I immediately related to the main character and waited her to succeed–even though I have no desire to dance, I have my own dreams and know what it feels like to want something that badly.

I’d really recommend this one for children who are interested in dance, or even for readers who need to be reminded that dreams do come true and all it takes is some hard work, dedication and support.  I enjoyed this one!

Danielle in New York

Sunday Art Project posts are over, so I decided to use Sundays as a day to post things I hear, see and experience in the city.  I know I’ve been missing several posts this week, and I promise it’s not because I’m lazy!  I’m quite sick (and quite miserable) so my doctor has ordered me to rest as much as possible until I’m better.  Between traveling to the doctor and having buckets of blood removed from my body, and weeping in the fetal position due to the most excruciatingly painful sore throat of my life, I haven’t had much time to prepare posts.  Now that I’ve been officially ordered to bed rest though, I hope to prepare this week’s line-up ahead of time.  That is, if I can stop watching my television shows long enough to do so.

So this is my first post about being here–my first weekend was shot by the hurricane (light sprinkle) Irene.  My second weekend is destroyed by a virus that has rendered me disgusting and pretty much useless.  I will leave you with five things I love about being in New York City:

1.The 6 train is directly next to my apartment

2. Pizza

3. Walking everywhere

4. Finding a seat during morning commute

5. Buying fresh fruit

That’s all for now.  I’m due for some Doctor Who and advil–the highlights of my night!  Hopefully next week I’ll have exciting bits to offer you.