Amulet: The Stonekeeper’s Curse (Volume Two)

Amulet: The Stonekeeper’s Curse (Volume Two)

Kazu Kibuishi

This volume picks up immediately where the first one leaves off.  We’re tossed into the action while Emily and Navin do everything they can to save their mother as well as one another.  We see more of the world and get more backstory, which I really enjoyed.  I love that the stone is not pinned as a completely good or bad source of power–it’s always going to be a struggle and Emily is given the burden of deciding just about everything in regards to the stone.  She’s forced to make grown-up decisions all the time.

We get to meet new characters in this volume, and they only add more to the storyline.  Like I stated in my review of volume one, Kibuishi is really good at creating characters.  You quickly become invested in their story and their survival.  Plus, the art is great.

Without giving anything away: If you liked the first volume, you’re going to love this one.  I had a ton of my questions answered and even more have bubbled up to the surface.  I can’t WAIT to read volume three.

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