Fright Night (2011)

Fright Night (2011)

As some of you know, I am a huge, huge fan of Doctor Who and so when I found out David Tennant was making an appearance in this movie, I went.  I don’t think I even really knew what it was about until I got to the theater and my friends kept mentioning how surprised they were that I would agree to come see a horror movie (I don’t do scary movies).  Well, to be honest right off the bat, this isn’t so much a horror movie as it is a great movie with some gore and Vampires and bits of surprise waiting around a few corners.

The story was completely corny (I know it’s a remake–still corny), but it worked well.  It was way more gory than I thought it would be, but I like that kind of stuff, so I happy sat through exploding Vampires.  Be warned, parents of small children–this movie is very bloody and the Vampires make scary faces before they eat people.  Otherwise, I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good, fun movie.  David is great, the main character is funny.  I could have done without the lady interest (though the actress has a funny name), but I was able to tolerate her.  I loved it and would definitely see it again.

Oh, and one tiny thing I noticed: The Vampires look a lot like the ones from 30 Days of Night.  The opening fonts are super similar too.  I wonder if this means anything,  or perhaps I missed something everyone else knows?  Just thought it was odd!

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    1. I didn’t like the first one as much as I thought I would, but the second one was good. I hear it gets better–so yes! You’ll go through them in half an hour.

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