B.P.R.D.: Hollow Earth and Other Stories (Volume One)

B. P. R. D.: Hollow Earth and Other Stories (Volume One)

Mike Mignola

Ahhh…you know that feeling you get when you find something you didn’t even know you’ve been missing?  That’s what reading this volume was like–I missed Abe Sapien so much!  This line of graphic novels follows the characters left behind with the BPRD after Hellboy leaves.  There are some new faces added to the cast (super cool Johann Kraus), but for the most part, it’s the old crew jumping around on adventures and missions.

It’s told in shorter stories, like the middle volumes in the Hellboy series I adore so much.  And Hellboy himself does make appearances now and again, though it’s just in flashbacks.  This volume wasn’t as good as the best of the Hellboy series, but all in all, I enjoyed this dip back into the pool of characters I missed so much.  I really look forward to grabbing volume two.

2 thoughts on “B.P.R.D.: Hollow Earth and Other Stories (Volume One)”

  1. Oh man, you’re gonna love it. Volume 1 is good, but Volume 2 is easily the worst… From Volume 3 onwards it’s awesome and just gets better. In some places even better than Hellboy.

    1. I just finished volume two. I’ll take your word on the later volumes, though they’re a bit harder for me to get my hands on for some reason. Thanks for the comment!

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