Half Dead

Half Dead

Barb Lien-Cooper

This graphic novel sounded so good when I first picked it up!  Tell me this doesn’t sound awesome: It’s about a ballerina in London who is caught in the middle of a fight between a team working for the British government and terrorist Vampires.  I greedily read through this volume, expecting the amazing story the back cover promised, but sadly I was disappointed.

The art is great, as is the concept and plot.  However, the story itself seems really rushed and some things aren’t explained properly.  It almost seems like the authors were forced to make a longer story short for the sake of saving pages.  I would have loved to see this turned into two or three volumes and many of the concepts explored in greater detail, such as the holy water back-trap.  I hope this gets picked up again in a later volume and that the authors take their time bringing us through the plot.  It was quite a disappointing read, and I only recommend it to those who aren’t looking to be wowed by a new graphic novel.

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