Malverne VS North Bellmore


Malverne is a small, but very homey library.  While I visited there was no one at the reference desk, but I contented myself with browsing their shelves for a little while.  The staff was very inviting and I didn’t feel like there was any rush to leave.  Quite the contrary—they made me feel like they wanted me to stay.  A librarian asked if I needed help finding books, but at that point I was frantically writing down several titles I wanted to come back to and declined help, though I was grateful she asked.

I found the young adult department (which is a cute little nook in the corner of the children’s side) with ease, and browsed around for graphic novels.  I didn’t find them right away.  I did, however, find the children’s graphic novels.  I found the YA graphic novels after a bit of searching (they’re around the corner on a shelf behind the children’s desk).

During checkout, the circulation staff member was really clear about my due dates—two of my items had different return dates, so she made sure I was aware of that.  I really liked this, because it’s too easy to assume when books are due–and just assuming books are all due at the same time sometimes leads to a lot of late fees.


North Bellmore

I parked in the back of the building and walked passed a really cute garden area I thought would be great for afternoon reading, then walked all the way around to the front of the building.  I’m beginning to notice a trend with my ability to find correct parking.  I was greeted by a circulation clerk when I entered, and happily (greeting patrons really does make their day, promise) walked to the reference desk to ask my question.  The librarian was extremely friendly and not only looked up my book, but also offered me a ton of other sources I could go to if I wanted more information.  Many of them were sources I had never considered, and having such an open dialogue between the two of us made me feel very comfortable asking questions.

After she wrote down the location of the books I wanted, she handed me the paper and immediately started helping the patron behind me.  I had no idea where the books were located, so I turned back to ask for help, but she wasn’t free to answer.  This made me feel quite awkward, so instead of waiting by the desk for her to finish, I wandered around for several minutes until I found the books I needed.  I chose one I liked, then browsed their young adult books, which were located in the back of the library.

The clerk who greeted me when I walked in checked out my materials and commented on the things I was bringing home.  We had a friendly chat before I left, which left me in a cheerful mood.


Malverne was the smaller library, though North Bellmore really didn’t tower over this round in terms of size.  I noticed that Malverne’s staff walked around the library asking patrons if they needed help, which was really nice when compared to the sudden drop in service at North Bellmore.  It was strange to get so much attention, then be left to fend for myself as soon as it came time to physically find the books.  Parking was nicer at North Bellmore (Malverne didn’t have its own lot*) and it seemed to have more space for studying, though Malverne did have a really cute area towards the back for sitting.  For staff that seem to genuinely want to help as much as possible and great atmosphere, I’m giving this round to:


*Edit: A kind commenter informed me that there IS a lot (but it is small).  Please keep this in mind!  I parked across the street, so even without finding the lot, I found a spot without trouble.

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