Week Sixty-Two

I lost another pound this week, bringing my total to 68.4 pounds.  Last night I went out and ate a lot of food I’ve been holding back from having for a while.  After much debate about whether or not I should eat what I was craving, I ended up just going for it and having the order I wanted (even though it was really not the best option ever).  The food was delicious and I still lost weight.

Lesson learned?  If there is something you’re craving, have it.  As long as you don’t splurge all the time, treating yourself nicely won’t hurt you.  I find it even helps if you plan accordingly.  If you really want a burger (another craving I had this week), then have a light breakfast and lunch, and enjoy your juicy burger for dinner.  Don’t deny yourself anything.  It’s worth it–you’re worth it.  Treat yourself kindly.

Outside of food, I’ll be in Montauk tomorrow (let’s pray the thunderstorms get stuck in traffic).  I’m pretty excited about the whole mini-trip, so expect to see photos and stories from it.  The art project has two weeks left–keep those ideas coming as to what you’d like to see on Sundays!  That’s all for now.  Have a great week!

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