Piece #10 – Bubbles

This piece is from Bubbles.  I liked the whole letter, so I decided to include it.  Apparently Bubbles only sees me in hula skirts, haha.  Kidding, kidding–he drew me in my red dress which I am fond of wearing to swing dancing.  In the picture, we’re learning swing outs (which according to Rachel, I have learned).  Notice how incredibly good looking Chris is with his sexy hat?  I will buy him one so we can recreate this picture.  True story.

Bubbles inspires me in every way.  He’s a brilliant writer that doesn’t realize how awesome he is.  He has the ability to dissolve problems with his kind nature and brighten rooms with his smile.  I heard he’s so cool, he can keep waffles frozen by hugging them.  And speaking of Chris hugs–those are the best.  I can continue on and on about how special and wonderful he is to me, but I’ll just end up embarrassing myself.  To sum everything up: I am always conscious about how lucky I am to know Bubbles.

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