Flight: Volume Three

Flight: Volume Three

Kazu Kibuishi

Another great cover–that is a huge strength of this series.  I loved most of the issues in this volume, with the exception of only a handful.  This volume started off with an adorable story, and from there I was hooked.  There were enough great pieces to keep me reading through the whole thing.

My favorite issue would have to be “The Iron Gate” by Kazu Kibuishi, who also happens to be the editor of this series.  I was so completely heartbroken at the end of the story that when I finished, I had to go back and read it again.  As I write this, I’ve made Bubbles (who is seated beside me) read it.  I’ll let you know what he thinks of it as soon as he finishes.

Anyway, if you liked (or tolerated) the first two volumes of this series, then this volume will pleasantly surprise and entertain you.  It’s an astounding improvement over what came before.

PS: Bubbles said he liked it.  I watched him flip back and forth at the end.  That was my exact same reaction.  Go read it!

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