Week Fifty-Eight

This week I lost .8 for a grand total of 66 pounds.  The one thing I’ve really noticed is how much fruit I eat now compared with how much I used to eat a year ago.  I don’t eat very many dessert foods, so to me, fruit is very sweet.  If asked back before I started working on making my life healthier, I’d never guess I would happily exchange cake for a banana, haha.

Editing has been picking up lately.  This week I got through another chapter (check the counter, I wouldn’t lie!) and I plan on editing a lot this week as well.  It’s the home stretch and I’m determined to finish it!  Maybe even by the end of the summer?  Maybe.  Beyond this, I plan on seeing Harry Potter again tonight and beaching tomorrow.  You know, because it isn’t hot enough yet.  I hope everyone has a cool (literally and figuratively) week!

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