Bone: Tall Tales

Bone: Tall Tales

Jeff Smith

I’m a huge fan of the Bone series.  I remember reading them as a kid and completely adoring them.  As an adult, I’ve read through each volume and still found them to be great fun.  This volume is a cute little addition to the series.  It features short stories of a pre-Bone series world told from a time after the events of the nine main volumes (little bones are camping).  Campfire stories are told regarding the start of Boneville, its founder and several tidbits are revealed about the rat creatures and their tails.  The short stories are chained together by the camping trip, so in a way, it still fits the mold of the other linear Bone books.  I especially liked the stupid, stupid rat creatures and the Red Dragon.  It’s nice to see old friends again!

If you’re a fan of this series, then I suggest picking this one up.  It’s not as good as the main nine volumes, but it’s a great little extra for anyone who wants another taste of Jeff Smith’s world.

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